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Prepaid Cards Encourage Teens to be Financially Responsible

As a parent, teaching your teen to be financially responsible will show them the value of money and how best to budget their money later in life. Prepaid cards are useful tools for financial education because they provide a variety of advantages for teens and parents. Here are some of the benefits for using prepaidContinue Reading

Save More Money by Eliminating Useless Fees

There are many businesses that will do everything they can to get your money in the form of fees. However, it’s easy to save more money by eliminating useless fees if you know which ones to look out for! Here are some examples of fees that you shouldn’t have to pay for or can avoidContinue Reading

Getting the Most out of Your Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are a convenient and viable way to spend money responsibly. They are a secure and make it easy to monitor your finances without requiring the use of a checking account. However, like all financial tools, there is a certain amount of responsibility required when using prepaid cards. To help you get the mostContinue Reading

Use Prepaid Cards to Keep a Balanced Budget

Maintaining a balanced budget doesn’t necessarily require the use of a credit or debit card. There is a convenient alternative in the form of prepaid cards! Prepaid cards can be reloaded online without a bank account and are available at a variety of institutions for purchase. These useful tips will help you to keep aContinue Reading

Prepaid Cards Can Teach Teens to Be Money Smart

If your teen needs practice learning about financial independence, a prepaid card can be a great way to teach them how to handle money in a responsible manner. Since prepaid cards aren’t directly tied to a checking account, teens won’t have to worry about accidentally spending more than the value of the card. With thatContinue Reading

The Benefits of Prepaid Cards For College Students

One of the most important lessons you can learn while attending college is how to properly manage finances. How money is handled is largely affected by what method is used to access it. Normally, a new college student will open a checking account and use a debit card to make purchases. However, an alternative methodContinue Reading

Use Your Prepaid Card to Pay Bills Online

For those who do not have a checking account, paying bills can be quite an ordeal. You may have to obtain a money order and deliver your payments to the location in person. To eliminate some of that unnecessary hassle, consider using a prepaid card. With a prepaid card, you can pay your bills onlineContinue Reading

The Benefits of Using a Prepaid Insight Card

As an alternative to banking, many Americans opt for a prepaid card such as the Insight Visa Prepaid Card. In addition to being able to shop online, prepaid cards can be used for a variety of purposes. From controlling your child’s spending to budgeting funds, prepaid cards offer many advantages. Here are just a fewContinue Reading

Manage Your Money with Prepaid Cards

Those in search of a simple way to budget their finances and to become less dependent on credit cards should consider using prepaid cards. Network branded prepaid credit cards offer users the best of both worlds. There is the convenience and protection of a MasterCard or Visa credit card as well as the benefit ofContinue Reading

Understanding Prepaid Credit Cards

“Credit cards are so convenient, but sometimes high interest rates and the risk of crippling debt outweigh all the benefits.” If this thought has ever gone through your mind, then you may want to consider a prepaid credit card. Available at many stores that provide financial services to the community, a prepaid card is oneContinue Reading